Regulatory Outreach Committee

Mission Summary

The LSRPA Regulatory Outreach Committee (ROC) consists of various LSPRA members with diverse technical and regulatory backgrounds.  The ROC’s primary responsibilities include providing input on new and existing NJDEP guidance documents, which is accomplished through members actively participating on the NJDEP guidance document stakeholder groups.  Additionally, the ROC compiles and prepares detailed comments on proposed NJDEP rules and rule amendments, such as the Technical Requirements for Site Remediation, the Administrative Requirements for the Remediation of Contaminated Sites, and the Remediation Standards.  The ROC also has been an active participant on other NJDEP-SRP initiatives, such as the NJDEP Forms Stakeholder Group, the Remedial Action Permit Stakeholder Group, and the Case Inventory Document Stakeholder Group, where our input has helped shape and refine NJDEP policies and training in these areas.