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February 9-10, 2021 - New Jersey Site Remediation Conference
Tuesday, February 09, 2021, 8:00 AM to Wednesday, February 10, 2021, 5:45 PM EDT
Category: Continuing Education Course



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NJ LSRPA’s power-packed New Jersey Site Remediation Conference is going virtual this coming February 9 and 10, 2021.

The 2021 NJ Site Remediation Conference will be an all virtual event. You will have access to and utilize a customized app that will give you a dynamic and rewarding Conference experience. Throughout the two days, you will have opportunities to participate in various events designed for everyone to come together for networking, collaborating and sharing. One week prior to the event, you will receive information on how to download/access the Conference app so you can begin to connect with other attendees.

When you attend this event, you will experience high-value education and training while having fun and enhancing your relationships with other professionals in your field. Our commitment is to offer you a wonderful opportunity to network with other environmental professionals while providing the convenience of adding Ethics, Technical and Regulatory LSRP CECs, CLEs or CPCs to your roster for license renewal.

Here's How It Works:

You sign up for the two-day Conference Pass and any other courses you want to add to your registration. About a week prior to the event, Conference attendees will have an opportunity to set up their profile in the Conference app, allowing you to connect with other Conference attendees during the event and attend your registered courses or technical presentations.

Here's What's Included:

  • Full 2-Day Virtual Conference Pass with Access to the Conference App
  • A Meal Credit with Grubhub for Your Conference Meals
  • A Personal Profile Page for Advanced Networking Opportunities
  • Keynote Presentations - Speakers to be Announced
  • Access to the Courses (see below) and 30-Minute Technical Presentations (click to view) for which You Registered
  • Slide Decks of Courses May Also be Made Available
  • Our Unique Virtual Hosting Platform Allows for Networking, Follow-Up Conversations, and 1-on-1 Engagement
  • A Virtual Exhibition Hall Where You Connect with Event Partners, Instructors, Speakers, Exhibitors and Other Attendees
  • 100% Free Early Access to Our Online Community
  • A Networking Reception on the Evening of Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Cost for Two-Day Conference Pass:

  • LSRPA Members: $85 plus course fees, if applicable (Early-Bird Rates Extended through February 1st and Go Up to $120 Starting February 2nd!)
  • Sponsors - Additional Staff: $85 plus course fees, if applicable (Early-Bird Rates Extended through February 1st and Go Up to $120 Starting February 2nd!)
  • Non-Members: $220 plus course fees, if applicable (Early-Bird Rates Extended through February 1st and Go Up to $290 Starting February 2nd)

Sponsorship Opportunities:

We are grateful for all of our wonderful sponsors! Our Conference sponsors will benefit from a highly-targeted audience at this premiere event. Step into the spotlight and show your support for the LSRPA community by becoming a sponsor today. To find out more about specialty sponsorship and virtual exhibit booth sponsorship opportunities, please email Linda Watson at [email protected] and Marianne Leone at [email protected] (for LSRPA Annual Sponsoring Partners) or Dudley Warner at [email protected] (for non-LSRPA annual sponsoring partner companies).

Schedule at a Glance:

To assist you in selecting your courses, view the Schedule at a Glance here → LSRPA 2021 Conf Course Schedule v4.17-pv.pdf

Tuesday's Courses:

Getting to Response Action Outcomes (RAO) - LSRPs Managing Contractual Environmental Responsibilities and Liabilities (Tuesday, February 9 from 8:15am - 9:15am)

Environmental responsibilities and liabilities are often negotiated and established prior to the retention of an LSRP.  This course addresses the contractual responsibilities and liabilities LSRPs and environmental professionals should be aware of during site remediation in order to properly manage and ensure all statutory and regulatory obligations are met  for an RAO to be issued.

Credits: 1 Regulatory (LSRPs), 1.2 CLEs, 1 CPCs - Course Number 2020-084

Instructors: Mark Fisher, CHMM, LSRP and Heidi Minuskin, Esq.

Course Fee: LSRPA Member - $55, Non-Member - $105

Geotech Engineering and Linear Construction During Site Remediation (Tuesday, February 9 from 8:15am - 10:15am)

Geotechnical information provides important data which can be applied to many remedial action options, and is an important aspect of linear construction and redevelopment projects. This 2-hour course will discuss how geotechnical engineering and site remediation professionals can integrate objectives in the field, including how to properly plan and implement a geotechnical investigation. Geotechnical soil borings, test pits, and field tests will be covered, and a review of the applicable NJDEP guidance documents, including those related to linear construction projects, will be included.

Credits: 2 Technical (LSRPs), 2.4 CLEs, 2 CPCs - Course Number 2020-035

Instructors: Michael Poland, LSRP and Dafydd Chandler, P.G. 

Course Fee: LSRPA Member - $110, Non-Member - $210

Professional Judgement - Perspective and Practice (Tuesday, February 9 from 8:15am - 11:45am)

Professional judgement is one of the most valuable tools an LSRP engages in every day, and yet there is little in the way of guidance in this area. This 3-hour course examines the definition of professional judgement, both generally and in the context of the Site Remediation Professional Licensing Board's Policy Page, the professional standard of care, and SRRA's Hierarchy of Statute-Regulation Guidance. The NJDEP Bureau of Inspection and Review's expectations for documenting and supporting Professional Judgements will be covered, and several case studies of professional judgement at regulated sites will be presented.

Credits: 2 Regulatory and 1 Technical (LSRPs), 3.6 CLEs, 3 CPCs - Course Number 2018-079

Instructors: Rodger Ferguson, LSRP; Sharon McSwieney, LSRP; Atwood Davis and Gary Sanderson

Course Fee: LSRPA Member - $165, Non-Member - $315

LSRP Ethics (Tuesday, February 9 from 8:15am - 11:45am)

The goal of this half-day (3 Ethics credits) course is to provide a review of both the general and professional ethical fundamentals in addition to the Site Remediation Reform Act’s Code of Conduct.  The course examines business practices versus the standard of care.  Case studies and a panel discussion with various stakeholder viewpoints represented will occur. Course participants are expected to contribute to discussions of case histories and are encouraged to contribute their own case histories for analysis.

Course Fee: LSRPA Member $155, Non-Member - $250

Response Action Outcomes (RAOs) - Is There Ever Finality? (Tuesday, February 9 from 10:45am - 11:45am)

An LSRP is authorized to memorialize the completion of remediation by issuing a Response Action Outcome (RAO), whether unrestricted or restricted in accordance with the Site Remediation Reform Act.  This course helps identify and address the issues that can occur post RAO, with guidance on what necessary actions LSRPs and environmental professionals should take.

Credits: 1 Regulatory (LSRPs), 1.2 CLEs, 1 CPCs - Course Number 2020-083

Instructors: Mark Fisher, CHMM, LSRP and Heidi Minuskin, Esq.

Course Fee: LSRPA Member - $55, Non-Member - $105

LSRP Practitioner Strategies for Ensuring Regulatory Compliance (Tuesday, February 9 from 10:45am - 11:45am)

This 1-hour course will provide strategies for an LSRP and environmental professional to manage responsibility for work outside their areas of expertise and submit documents that are protective of human health and the environment. Discussions will be focused on the importance of paying attention and illustrating with actual examples from NJDEP reviewer comments and providing strategies to avoid mistakes.

Credits: 1 Regulatory (LSRPs), 1.2 CLEs, 1 CPCs - Course Number 2019-103

Instructor: Ted Toskos, LSRP, P.G.

Course Fee: LSRPA Member - $55, Non-Member - $105

Remediation of Heavy Metals Using In-Situ Approaches (Tuesday, February 9 from 1:30pm - 3:30pm)

Trace metals constitute a significant class of groundwater contaminants originating from a variety of sources (industrial wastewater, landfill leachate, fossil fuels, and more) with remediation of metals in groundwater posing a significant challenge. This 2-hour course will provide a background in the understanding of reaction chemistry and treatment options for metals in groundwater and allow LSRPs to better understand contaminant behavior and available treatment options.

Credits: 2 Technical (LSRPs), 2.4 CLEs, 2 CPCs - Course Number 2018-017

Instructor: Fayaz Lakhwala, Ph.D.

Course Fee: LSRPA Member - $110, Non-Member - $210

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) 202 (Tuesday, February 9 from 1:30pm - 3:30pm)

A follow-up to the PFAS 101 course, this 2-hour course provides additional background on the use, names, and occurrence of PFAS in historical and current documentation. As PFAS investigations become more and more common, it's important to continue to develop skills and knowledge regarding PFAS. This course will include interactive discussion around several case examples.

Credits: 1 Regulatory and 1 Technical (LSRPs), 2.4 CLEs, 2 CPCs - Course Number 2020-068

Instructors: Caryn Barnes, LSRP and Erin Palko, P.G., LSRP

Course Fee: LSRPA Member - $110, Non-Member - $210

Off-Site Source - Practical Implementation (Tuesday, February from 1:30pm - 3:30pm)

Focusing on technical approaches for data gathering and problem solving as it relates to groundwater investigations, this 2-hour course is specifically designed to assist remediation professionals in meeting the regulatory requirements outlined in N. J. A. C. 7:26E-3.9 (Site investigation - determination of off-site source contamination in soil and ground water) while highlighting the role of professional judgement in evaluating the use of off-site data. 

Credits: 0.5 Regulatory and 1.5 Technical (LSRPs), 2.4 CLEs, 2 CPCs - Course Number 2017-050

Instructors: Steven Posten, LSRP and George Nicholas

Course Fee: LSRPA Member - $110, Non-Member - $210

Commingled Plumes and Receptor Obligations: Case Study and Legal Aspects (Tuesday, February 9 from 1:30pm - 4:30pm)

This course provides technical and legal expertise for investigating sites with commingled plumes presenting challenges that may delay and complicate completion of required remedial activities utilizing NJDEP guidance, lines of evidence and conceptual site modeling while providing alternatives and strategies to resolve commingled plume disputes.  

Credits: 1.5 Regulatory and 1 Technical (LSRPs), 3 CLEs, 2.5 CPCs - Course Number 2020-076

Instructors: Lisa Voyce, M.S. En.E, Toxicology and Andrew Robins, Esq.

Course Fee: LSRPA Member - $137.50, Non-Member - $262.50

Wednesday's Courses:

Vapor Intrusion Investigation and Mitigation Innovation Session 1 - Optimizing Solutions to Complicated VI Investigations (Wednesday, February 10 from 8:00am to 9:00am)

Polish your Vapor Intrusion Skills with the 1st of this 3-part series on Vapor Intrusion and Mitigation. This 1-hour session provides an overview from planning through data evaluation. Learn how Conceptual Site Models inform VI investigations and just how many samples are needed to adequately characterize the VI risk. Alternative investigation approaches will also be covered, to bridge the gap between guidance document and field conditions. Once the data is in hand, representativeness and defensibility are key; bad data can have long-lasting negative impacts to a project and particularly so with sensitive indoor air data. However, lab data has inherent variability - what is acceptable? And when can rounding be applied to the data?

Credits: 1 Technical (LSRPs), 1.2 CLEs, 1 CPCs - Course Number 2020-063

Instructors: Chase Holton, Ph.D., P.E. and William Elcoate

Course Fee: LSRPA Member - $55, Non-Member - $105

Vapor Intrusion Investigation and Mitigation Innovation Session 2 - VI Mitigation Systems for New Buildings (Wednesday, February 10 from 9:15am - 10:15am)

This 2nd of a 3-part series focuses on VI mitigation systems and their incorporation into new building construction. Over the 1-hour session, gain insight into the interplay between VI mitigation to protect human health and the developer and stakeholder objectives. Information will be provided from the ITRC VI Mitigation Training Team to teach attendees about a variety of VI mitigation measures, along with their associated process checklists. Enhance relationships between developer and environmental consultant through this informative and practical course.

Credits: 1 Technical (LSRPs), 1.2 CLEs, 1 CPCs - Course Number 2020-064

Instructors: Eric Lovenduski and Catherine Regan, P.E.

Course Fee: LSRPA Member - $55, Non-Member - $105

Vapor Intrusion Investigation and Mitigation Innovation Session 3 - Unique Challenges in Vapor Intrusion Pathway (Wednesday, February 10 from 10:30am - 11:30am)

The last of a 3-part series on VI, this 1-hour session provides an update on the latest developments regarding the VI Technical Guidance (VITG). What's slated to be updated and when can we expect updated VI screening levels? What might those look like? Focus in on preferential pathways and how to distinguish between background source and site-related indoor air contaminants. The session will also focus on what new technology is available for VI investigations and will present multiple case studies to support the use of these new options.

Credits: 1 Technical (LSRPs), 1.2 CLEs, 1 CPCs - Course Number 2020-065

Instructors: Nicole Kalaigian, Matthew Mraw and Alfred Smith, P.G., LSRP

Course Fee: LSRPA Member - $55, Non-Member - $105

ISRA: Applicability to RAOs (Wednesday, February 10 from 8:00am - 10:00am)

The Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) is arguably the most impactful hazardous waste cleanup law in New Jersey. The law and implementing regulations continue to drive the identification and remediation of contaminated sites. LSRPs, attorneys and environmental professionals will benefit from this course in understanding the continued application of the law, nuances, regulatory and technical requirements, and ultimate goal in the issuance of a Response Action Outcome (RAO). This 2-hour course provides a detailed review of ISRA, information on determining ISRA applicability, how to proceed with remediation under the regulatory and technical regulations, including time frames for compliance and alternative ISRA compliance options and getting to an RAO.

Credits: 1 Regulatory and 1 Technical (LSRPs), 2.4 CLEs, 2 CPCs - Course Number 2020-030

Instructors: Kathi Stetser, P.G., LSRP and Patrick Mottola, Esq.

Course Fee: LSRPA Member - $110, Non-Member - $210

Remediation Standards: Proposed Rules and Amendments (Wednesday, February 10 from 10:15am - 11:45am)

It is important that LSRPs and environmental professionals understand the proposed rules, current and future impacts as well as potential issues with the proposed changes while remediating sites in New Jersey.  This course provides an overview of the NJDEP's proposed regulatory changes and amendments to the Remediation Standards N. J. A. C. 7:26D.

Credits: 1.5 Regulatory (LSRPs), 1.8 CLEs, 1.5 CPCs - Course Number 2020-085

Instructors: Caryn Barnes, LSRP and Candace Baker, LSRP

Course Fee: LSRPA Member - $82.50, Non-Member: $157.50

Chlorinated Solvent Site Investigation and Implementation of In-Situ Remediation (Wednesday, February 10 from 1:30pm - 3:30pm)

With a focus on the well-established use of high-resolution site characterization field investigation tools with tips on best practices while extracting value from automated data interpretation at sites impacted with chlorinated VOCs, this course provides instruction on how to streamline remedial design data collection in order to improve the outcome of remedial action.  This course explores complications, complexities, adaptive strategies and creative solutions applicable during in-situ injection remedies, and highlights the importance of high-resolution, reliable conceptual site models that account for lithological and hydraulic heterogeneities and site-specific geo and hydro conditions to effectively represent the distribution and flux of contaminants.   

Credits: 2 Technical (LSRPs), 2.4 CLEs, 2 CPCs - Course Number 2020-070

Instructors: Richard Britton, P.G., LSRP; Anthony Giannetti and Eliot Cooper

Course Fee: LSRPA Member - $110, Non-Member - $210

Practical Site Characterization for Planning In-Situ Remediation and Drilling and Subsurface Sampling & Delivery Technologies (Wednesday, February 10 from 1:30pm - 3:30pm)

This updated 2-hour course addresses a practical approach to helping consultants design and collect data in order to characterize a site, beyond what is required by regulations, so that one can effectively plan an in-situ remedy for contaminated sites. The presentation will also address the various types of drill rigs and subsurface sampling technologies used in the field. It includes discussion of direct-push, auger rigs such as hollow stem and mud/air rotary and the latest technology, sonic drilling.

Credits: 2 Technical (LSRPs), 2.4 CLEs, 2 CPCs - Course Number 2020-086

Instructors: Baxter Duffy, Dermot Dillon and Denis Crayon

Course Fee: LSRPA Member - $110, Non-Member - $210

Technical Presentations - Click Here to View Technical Presentation Offerings (varying times throughout the Conference) - 0.5 Technical Credits Pending Per Each Presentation, Course Numbers TBD

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