Our Mission

The mission of the New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional Association, Inc. (LSRPA) is to further the Licensed Site Remediation Profession.  This includes acting as an educational and technical resource and assisting its membership to use standards of care and informed professional judgment when performing the work of a LSRP in protecting public health, safety and the environment.

History of the LSRPA

When the Site Remediation Reform Act was being debated in the New Jersey Legislature, the site remediation professionals (engineers, geologists and scientists) targeted by the proposed legislation realized that they did not have an organized voice in the debate.  Thus, a group of consultants formed a Coalition to develop and present testimony supporting the views of the practitioners. That group was recognized early on as a primary stakeholder in the process and had significant influence in shaping the bill towards a framework that ensures that the profession will be overseen by an independent Licensing Board and that acknowledges the role of Professional Judgment in the work of the LSRP.. As the bill turned into law – signed by Governor Corzine on May 7, 2009 – the Coalition morphed into the more formal New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professionals Association (LSRPA).

The LSRPA is a non-profit entity incorporated in the State of New Jersey In March 2009.  The Association is a 501(c)6 trade organization under federal IRS regulations.

The LSRPA is loosely modeled after the Licensed Site Professional Association (LSPA) of Massachusetts, which has had a similar licensing program in place since 1993.  Discussions early on with the leaders of the LSPA confirmed that an organized Association is critical to the success of the Licensed Site Remediation Professional Program, especially in the early stages of the program's formulation.  The LSRPA is recognized by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection as the primary representative of the profession.  LSRPA members are involved at all levels of the ongoing stakeholder process and have had a great influence on the development of more reasonable regulations, expanded the breadth of guidance documents prepared in conjunction with the NJDEP and continue to advance the concept of the use of professional judgment  by practitioners.  We are continuing our close interaction with the NJDEP in an effort to provide a smooth transition into the full LSRP program while seeking to keep the process as practicable as possible.

The LSRPA has over 800 members.  If you have not already joined us, now is the time.  Click here for registration information.

Please check with your tax advisor regarding the tax status of dues paid to the organization.