Committee Chairs

Committee Name Chair Email Address
Bylaws John Oberer [email protected]
Communications - Co-Chair Charlene Drake [email protected]
Communications - Co-Chair Candace Baker [email protected]
Conference Committee - Co-Chair David Hoffman [email protected]
Conference Committee - Co-Chair Charles Metzger [email protected]
Continuing Education - Co-Chair David Hoffman [email protected]
Continuing Education - Co-Chair Bill Call [email protected]
Finance Drew Bonas [email protected]
Legal and Legislative - Co-Chair Steven Senior, Esq. [email protected]
Legal and Legislative - Co-Chair Andrew Robins, Esq. [email protected]
Nominating Rebecca Hollender [email protected]
Regulatory Outreach - Co-Chair Scott Drew [email protected]
Regulatory Outreach - Co-Chair Kathi Stetser [email protected]
Membership Ken Haduch [email protected]
Membership Brandi Gray [email protected]
Risk Management and Loss Prevention - Co-chair Mark Pietrucha [email protected]
Risk Management and Loss Prevention - Co-chair John Scagnelli [email protected]
Scholarship/College Outreach - Co-chair Ben Alter [email protected]
Scholarship/College Outreach - Co-chair Erin Palko [email protected]
SRRA 2.0 - Co-chair Steven Senior, Esq. [email protected]
SRRA 2.0 - Co-chair Irene Kropp [email protected]
Young Professionals - Co-chair Brandi Gray [email protected]
Young Professionals - Co-chair Ken Haduch [email protected]
Golf Joe Postorino [email protected]