Committee Chairs
Committee Name Chair Email Address
Bylaws John Oberer [email protected]
Communications - Co-Chair Charlene Drake [email protected]
Communications - Co-Chair Rick Shoyer [email protected]
Conference Committee - Co-Chair David Hoffman [email protected]
Conference Committee - Co-Chair Rohan Tadas [email protected]
Continuing Education - Co-Chair David Hoffman [email protected]
Continuing Education - Co-Chair Bill Call [email protected]
Finance Drew Bonas [email protected]
Legal and Legislative - Co-Chair Steven Senior, Esq. [email protected]
Legal and Legislative - Co-Chair Andrew Robins, Esq. [email protected]
Nominating Rebecca Hollender [email protected]
Regulatory Outreach - Co-Chair Scott Drew [email protected]
Regulatory Outreach - Co-Chair Kathi Stetser [email protected]
Membership Caryn Barnes [email protected]
Membership Brandi Gray [email protected]
Risk Management and Loss Prevention - Co-chair Mark Pietrucha [email protected]
Risk Management and Loss Prevention - Co-chair John Scagnelli [email protected]
External Stakeholders Caryn Barnes [email protected]
Scholarship/College Outreach - Co-chair Ben Alter [email protected]
Scholarship/College Outreach - Co-chair Erin Palko [email protected]
SRRA 2.0 - Co-chair Steven Senior, Esq. [email protected]
SRRA 2.0 - Co-chair Irene Kropp [email protected]
Next Gen - Co-chair Kavitha Subramaniam [email protected]
Next Gen - Co-chair Casey Kincaid [email protected]
Golf Joe Postorino [email protected]
Sponsorship Bob Blauvelt [email protected]

Subcommittee Chairs

Regultory Outreach    
Brownfields Matt Mauro [email protected]
Child Care Centers David Morris [email protected]
Clean & Alternate Fill Rodger Ferguson [email protected]
Compliance Attainment Nick DeRose [email protected]
Conceptual Site Model Nick DeRose [email protected]
Ecological Assessments Charles Harman [email protected]
Forms Mark Fisher [email protected]
Historic Fill Kathi Stetser [email protected]
IEC Guidance Mark Fisher [email protected]
ISRA Kathi Stetser [email protected]
Laboratory Validation/Usability Nancy Rothman [email protected]
LNAPL Steve Ueland [email protected]
Monitored Natural Attenuation Steve Posten [email protected]
Permitting (PBR/OSC) David Carlson [email protected]
Presumptive Remedies John Oberer [email protected]
Receptor Evaluations Mark Fisher [email protected]
Regulated USTs David Morris [email protected]
Unregulated USTs (UHOT) Kathi Stetser [email protected]
Remedial Action Permits (Soil & GW) Steve Posten [email protected]
Remedial Action Permits (Soil & GW) Julian Davies  [email protected]
Tech Regs - Ground Water PA/SI/RI Julian Davies  [email protected]
Tech Regs - Soil PA/SI/RI Kathi Stetser [email protected]
Technical Impracticability Ted Toskos [email protected]
Vapor Intrusion - Co-chair Lisa Voyce [email protected]
Vapor Intrusion - Co-chair Scott Drew [email protected]
Waste Management Peter Postorino [email protected]
Risk Management and Loss Prevention    
Insurance Liability - Co-Chair John Scagnelli, Esq. [email protected]
Insurance Liability - Co-Chair David Morris [email protected]
Licensing Board - Co-chair Rodger Ferguson [email protected]
Licensing Board - Co-chair Mark Pietrucha [email protected]